27 avril 2010

Pastoo photography





Pastoo Photography, a new Photo Studio has just opened in Dushanbe!

Roshanak Ostad, visual artist and professional photographer from Iran, already well known in Dushanbe for various exhibitions and cultural events, has now opened a photo studio.

Pastoo Photography aims to make artistic portraits and to open the door for a new way of individual expression. Individuals, couples and families are all welcome. They will find a professional, warm and creative atmosphere. At Pastoo, Roshanak will capture precious instants and expressions in high quality photographs, creating lasting memories.

Lifestill advertisment photographies can also be performed at Pastoo.


Direction: near the Karabolo hospitale, opposite of the new Medical University Building, the 2nd floor. On appointments only.

Contact: Roshanak Ostad - +992 919 16 38 83 – contact@pastoophotography.com,roshangar@gmail.com

Website, for more details: http://www.pastoophotography.com

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